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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Million Plus Books Free for the Taking!

July 4 2008

The Third Annual World eBook Fair Starts July 4th.
"Own Your Own Library" is the theme of this year's
World eBook Fair.

Starting July 4th you will be able to do just that in an
unprecedented opportunity to download books in the
widest variety ever available.

Visit to get started.

Project Gutenberg and partner sponsors encourage readers to create the
"personal library" of their choice in a "personal computer." Most of
the fair's electronic books are free of charge, and an additional
160,000 or more have coupon or discount purchases available during the

All possible types of electronic books, or eBooks, are available:

eBooks in over 100 Different Languages!
eBooks designed for cell phones!
eBooks designed for Adobe readers!
eBooks designed for plain text readers!
eBooks out loud in theatrical performances!
eBooks that your computer can read aloud to you!
eBooks that can be easily quoted in school papers!
160,000 eBooks in brand new commercial editions!!!
Music, movies, etc. are also included. . . .

Highlights of the World eBook Fair

Just two years ago The First World eBook Fair came
on the scene with about 1/3 million books, doubled
to 2/3 million in 2007, and now over one million.

Created by contributions from 100+ eLibraries from
around the world, here are the largest collections

As of press date of midnight Central Daylight Time
July 1, 2008 these were the approximate numbers:

~100,000+ from Project Gutenberg
~500,000+ from The World Public Library
~450,000 from The Internet Archive
~160,000 from eBooks About Everything
~1,210,000+ Grand Total as of July 1, 2008

The Internet Archive will add about 1,000 books on
each business day, along with various additions by
the other contributors during World eBook Fair.
Thus the final grand total may be over 1,230,000

Contact information:

If you have any questions, or seek further materials, an interview
or would like to confirm the schedule or contents please feel free
to contact any of the following:

Michael S. Hart
Founder, Project Gutenberg
405 W. Elm, Urbana, IL 61801
US Phone 217-344-6623
Cellphone 808-295-0615

Gregory B. Newby
CEO, Project Gutenberg
US Phone 907-450-8663

John Guagliardo
Founder, World Public Library
Honolulu, Hawaii
US Phone 808-292-2068

Catherine Hodge
eBooks About Everything
US Phone 760-327-5100

The Internet Archive

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