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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Printer queue staying in the Dock after printing

When users print to some printers, Mac OS X will launch the printer queue and driver software to manage the print job. This application will open in the Dock and, in some cases, get stuck there. This results in users having to manually quit the printer queue after every print job. While this might not be a bad thing for some users who may wish to have the printer utilities in a handy location, other desire the utility to disappear as expected.

Apple Discussions poster 24Golfer writes:

"Why does the Printer stay open in the dock after printing? It used to just disappear after the printing job was done, in Tiger. Is there a way to make it go away automatically like it used to?"

This problem could be caused by an update affecting the permissions of files. Therefore, we recommended that users first run a permissions fix on the hard drive using Disk Utility. Second, we recommended that users try deleting and re-adding the printer to the system. This reload causes the computer to refresh all the printer settings and hopefully causes the queue properly quit after printing. To do this, open the "Print & Fax" system preferences and delete the problematic printer by clicking the "-" button with the printer highlighted, and then click the "+" button and add the printer back. Alternatively, users can try right-clicking the printer and selecting "Reset the Printing System" from the contextual menu. Lastly, users can try reapplying the latest combo update that they installed

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