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Saturday, January 31, 2009

MP3 Player and Mac

A member is considering getting a Sandisk Fuze 4G MP3 player, but I want to be sure I can download music from my Mac Mini with 10.4.11 before I do.  I found a comprehensive article on doing just that at the following:

In that article he recommends downloading a little freeware program called Kopymac that enables downloading without opening iTunes.

I have a number of questions:
1.Is this Guy Scharf site reputable, accurate, and describing the best way to go?
2.Is Kopymac indeed a good and helpful program?
3. Is there a simpler/better way to handle loading music from my Mac to the Fuze?
4. Is there any substantial reason why this is not the way to go for a media player?

He would really appreciate some experienced input on the whole matter.

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