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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Manage PDFs with iTunes or Yep

The paperless office has become a bit of a lame joke. We've been promised its arrival at every turn of the computer age, but there's still paper everywhere--or so it seems. Ok, we haven't gone totally paperless yet, but we shouldn't overlook the progress we've made. If you bank online, chances are you get your statement and cancelled checks in electronic format. Same with your quarterly 401(k) statements, receipts from online purchases, credit card statements. And let's not forget reports, white papers, ebooks, and any saved newspaper and magazine articles.

Turns out, the paperless office is actually closer than we think. And the vast majority of these files are in Adobe's PDF format. But, how do we organize PDFs in the virtual shoebox of our Mac's hard drive so they're easy to find when we need them?

There's hope. With just a few steps, your paperless files can be organized.

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