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Monday, July 06, 2009

Cataloging Mail by date

Reader Kent Pletcher is a generally heppy ket with his move from Microsoft Entourage to Apple's Mail. He has one concern, however, that goes like this:

With all the e-mail I get in a day I need my messages divided by date. In Entourage, you have a 'Today' header, 'Yesterday' header, 'Last Week' header, 'Last Month' header, 'This Year' header, etc. All of these allow me to look quickly for a message I may have received in the last couple of days. Is there a way to do this in Mail or a plug-in that will enable me to do this?

Like you, I find these Entourage entries (termed "Saved Searches" in Microsoft parlance) useful. Fortunately, you can create something similar in Apple's Mail by putting Smart Mailboxes to good use. Try this:

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