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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Widget - App Update

App Update
Automatically check for updates to your installed software. It supports Apple's software directory, MacUpdate and Version Tracker. It will present you with a tidy link list of all the updates found, enabling you to read release-notes and download the the updates quickly and painlessly. 

Amongst the key features are automatic update checks once per day or week, Growl notifications, powerful configuration possibilities, support for Apple's download pages, MacUpdate and VersionTracker and an extensive documentation built right into the widget (but you can also read the documentation in your browser). 

Press Shift+H at any time to bring up the help, or click the help button on the widget's back.

What's New in this Version
- Fixes a crash on Snow Leopard.
- Fixes a potential hang when checking
- Blacklists "Microsoft AutoUpdater".
- Mentions that Spotlight must be enabled when no apps/widgets are found.

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