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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Unveils iPad Tablet

Look for more details at the February 18th monthly MacSTAC meeting.

Macworld News Alert - January 27th, 2010
Breaking news from Macworld - The Mac Product Experts

As had been widely expected, Apple released a tablet device Wednesday. But the details of the new device -- called the iPad -- and its price tag may have caught some Apple observers by surprise.

The iPad falls between a laptop and smartphone, according to Apple, with the device capable of doing many of the same things an iPhone can but on a larger, 9.7-inch LCD screen. The 16GB model will start at $499. Dan Miller has the details on the iPad.

The iPad will feature apps built specifically for Apple's tablet device, including an iPad-made version of Apple's iWork productivity suite.

There's also a new e-reader app for the iPad called iBooks. Not only will users be able to read e-books on their tablet, they can also buy books directly from Apple's new iBook Store.

Most iPhone and iPod touch apps will be able to work on the iPad. Apple updated its iPhone SDK so that developers can tweak their apps for the new device, which will arrive in 60 days.

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