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Friday, January 15, 2010

Powerful digital imaging tool creates sharp, in focus photos from up close to far away

A special offer from SWREG and Helicon Soft Ltd.


Helicon Boxshot
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Lite Price: $115.00 $89.95
Pro Price: $200.00 $155.95
Windows: · 2K/XP/Vista/7
· Pentium-III class machine
· 512 MB RAM
· 1024x768
Mac: · Mac OS 10.5+
· 512MB ram
· 1024x768
Helicon Focus: Supported Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish

click to view screenshot

click to view screenshot
Helicon Focus
Photo Enthusiasts: do you want your photos in-focus from close up to far away in the distance?

Powerful digital imaging tool makes it simple for you to get the results you want.

You don't have to be a professional photographer or have a expensive cameras or lenses to create sharp, in focus photos from right up close to far away in the distance. Do you have multiple photos of the same scene or subject that are focused on different areas to capture the entire scene or subject?

Now, would you like to combine your several images into one digital image where everything is in focus with amazing depth of field? Then Helicon Focus is the software tool that you need.

For a limited time you can purchase unlimited license of either Helicon Focus Lite or Helicon Focus Pro (with retouching functions and 3D) for over 20% off the regular price.

What is Helicon Focus?

Helicon Focus is a digital imaging processing tool that combines several partially focused digital images to create one image that is in focus. This powerful tool provides an instrument to address shallow depth of field problems and the end result is an increase in the depth of field (DOF) for an image to create the desired result that is in focus.

Primary uses of Helicon Focus include:
  • macro photography (close-up photography often has limited DOF as the resulting image is usually very close to the actual size of the photo subject and lenses designed for macro photography usually lose focus at other distances),
  • landscape photography (where there can be an infinite depth of field, but where you would prefer the entire photo to be in focus),
  • micro photography (camera and optical microscope),
...but it can increase DOF in any situation.

Helicon Focus aligns images, as objects can often change their size and position from photo to photo-which is particularly important for macro photography.

Why Helicon Focus?

Quality: advanced interpolation techniques, 16 bit workflow, direct RAW input
Scope: unlimited number of images, resolution over 100Mpixels, 64 bit support, Windows/Mac versions
Performance: very fast, multi-threaded, i7 compatible, batch and command line modes available
Tools: clone from source brush to repaint moving parts, 3D model, dust map, 2D panorama

Features - Helicon Focus Lite (basic version):

  • Automatically adjusts and resizes images (important for stereomicroscopes and macrophotography)
  • Uses all available processors (1.7 times faster with 2 processors, 2.3 times faster with 4 processors)
  • Preserves details by using advanced interpolators for image manipulation (Lanczos, Sinc256)
  • Internal workflow always uses 16 bit color depth to preserve colors
  • Processes an unlimited number of images in the stack
  • Supports dust map to automatically remove black points from the resulting images
  • Automatically adjusts brightness of the adjacent images
  • Reads RAW, 8bit and 16bit TIFFs, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP, etc
  • Writes 8bit and 16bit TIFFs, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP
  • Adds text and scale bar (Windows v.4.0+)
  • Provides command line interface to call it from other applications (Windows v.4.0+)

Features - Helicon Focus Pro (advanced version):

  • Includes all the features of the Lite version
  • Includes unique retouching functions, which cannot be performed with external photo editor
  • Export of a 3D model of the object to Helicon 3D Viewer (included in Helicon Focus installation)
  • Process multiple tasks in Batch mode (Windows v.4.0+)
  • Creates web animations for presentation purposes
  • 2D micropanorama
  • Export of animated stacks (see sample) (Windows v4.30+)
See Helicon Focus at work:

Helicon Focus sample images:

Helicon Focus 3D Sample images:

3D video sample:

See the Helicon Focus Workflow:

Helicon 3D Viewer is a free utility that helps to visualize a stack of images as an interactive 3D model.

Helicon Remote (new!) is a utility that automates focus and exposure bracketing. The program sends commands to camera via USB cable to change focus distance with regular steps and takes shots. The stack of images is processed then with Helicon Focus to increase depth of field (DOF). Helicon Remote (Windows version only) is available in Helicon Focus Pro.

More information, samples and resources can be found in at the Helicon Focus Help pages.
Buy Now!

Buy Now!

IMPORTANT: this offer is only valid for a limited period of time!

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