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Friday, February 19, 2010

Last night's MacSTAC Meeting

The lucky 26 members who attended last night's meeting saw the future of computing and a quantum change in how we will be interfacing and using media. All this will because of the new Apple iPad. 

Despite some negative press, we all came away from the meeting really pumped up and I would encourage all of you to watch the iPad video and even the iPad parts of Steve Jobs Keynote Address. Folks, the iPad is something really special.



PS: We also announced that in the next month or two, MacSTAC will begin a pre-monthly meeting education session for those wanting basic help and tips with their computing operations and experience. Part of the session will be demonstration and part will be hands on, with someone standing over your shoulder and helping you with any particular questions or difficulties you may be having.

In preparation for this, please take a few moments and jot down in a return email any questions or problems you wish us to cover. This will be like a more complete Q&A period which should last about an hour before the 6:30 meeting. Look for the announcement of when we will schedule the first session.

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