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Monday, August 23, 2010

iPhoto Locks Up or Pictures or Albums are Missing

This irritating symptom can occur even on a well-maintained computer. iPhoto is much
more than a folder with many images stored, it is a database holding all kinds of
information about your pictures, and it can easily malfunction.
Sooner or later, most of us will eventually experience some difficulty with iPhoto. You may
find the application locks up on startup, and you simply get the spinning beach ball.
Thankfully this is not usually a major issue, but prudent BMUG members know that it is
important to have an up to date backup. If anything unrecoverable has happened to your
image library, you will have the confidence of knowing you can always import a
replacement from your backup. Hopefully, though, it will not come to that!
Your first step is to Force Quit out of iPhoto, as you do out of any unresponsive program,
by hitting the keystrokes Command – Option – Escape, and clicking on Force iPhoto to Quit.
Now restart iPhoto, while
holding down the Command
and Option keys. You will get
this dialog box:
For best results, tick all the
options, and go away for a
cuppa. This rebuild may take
some time, but it usually
solves any library problems.
However, if you are still
experiencing difficulties, you
may need to carry out a
manual rebuild. Here are the
instructions from the Apple
iPhoto Help pages:

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