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Friday, December 03, 2010

Fwd: 5 Best MakeUseOf Articles This Week + GIVEAWAYS

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MakeUseOf Newsletter 03 / Dec / 2010

With the fistful of free goodies we splash on our pages every week, you may assume that we usually shout more about our Giveaways, Gift Guides, and other special announcements like the recent one on The Best Windows Software Page.

Well, we do, because some of them like the first two are bounded by time and date.

What's timeless however, are our regular content and the knowledge you may be taking with you. So, here's some from the days gone by.


10 Awesome Free Documentaries That You Can Watch Online

Documentaries unlike films don't get the hoopla they deserve. But as movies that mirror fact rather than fiction, it's important we give them the eyeballs they deserve. Thanks to the web, we can watch them online these days at our own leisure.

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7 Free Useful eBooks That Every Blogger Should Read

Let's hope the coming of the eReaders like Kindle tablets like the iPad brings a second coming for books or rather eBooks. There is an awful lot to read, especially for the blogger who wants to take his her blog to a new high. Here are seven recommended books for a worthwhile read.

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The Top 5 Current Facebook Scams To Watch Out For

Facebook has been buzzing on the web and media; from the recent film on it to the controversies around it. Just like anything else, it has its good and bad sides. Among the bad, here's a guide that will help you spot the five latest scams that tricksters are up to on Facebook.

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15 Sites That Do Amazing Things With HTML5

HTML5 is going places, and it promises to take the web to new places too. Let's hope it fulfills the promise. At least these 15 website on show portend to all the good things around the corner when the updated web standard arrives on the mainstream.

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4 Great Places To Find Free Beautiful Photo Desktop Wallpapers

We all know what wallpapers are. We all want them to deck up our desktop as beautifully as possible. So checkout these four places to customize your desktop background with stunning photo wallpapers.

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