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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Intel Officially Announces New Sandy Bridge Core Processors

Chipmaker Intel has given the world a first glimpse of what technology might drive Macs in 2011 as the company officially unveiled their next generation processor architecture known as "Sandy Bridge."

MacRumors is reporting on Intel's official announcement Monday of the "Sandy Bridge" core processors (also known as 2nd Generation Core processor). "The new processors are built on the 32nm process and integrate the processor, memory controller and graphics on the same die," MacRumors notes. "In particular, the new integrated graphics performance is significantly improved over Intel's previous chips."

"Sandy Bridge is, essentially, a next-generation replacement for Intel's primary CPUs for desktops and laptops," The TechReport explains. "At the heart of Sandy Bridge is an essentially new processor microarchitecture, the most sweeping architectural transition from Intel since the introduction of the star-crossed Pentium 4. Nearly everything has changed, from the branch predictors through the out-of-order execution engine and into the memory subsystem. The goal: to achieve higher performance and power efficiency, even on single-threaded tasks, where the integration of multiple CPU cores hasn't been much help."

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