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Thursday, May 10, 2012

MacSTAC May Meeting, Next Thursday, May 17th, 6:30 PM, Vestal Library


We got some great stuff planned for you started with your questions and our answers to vexing computer challenges (bring samples). Then a bunch of highly interesting topics including:

Super Duper! - disk fragmentation and how Super Duper! Resolves the problem. Also we will demonstrate how Super Duper! can make a bootable disk. I'll giveaway strong plug for ProSoft's Drive Genius program which is not free.

Using Tinker Tool and Onyx to access additional system preferences and customize the Finder.

VLC: The universal player that plays everything.

Handbrake a good program to convert your DVD's to digital so you can play them
on an iPad, Apple TV, iPod or other device.

FreeMemory. Qan essential free program to reclaim unused memory. Great if you
have less than 4 GB.

Geek bench and Xbench benchmark programs for your Mac.

And.......drum roll, surprising new discovery on how to loads BOTH Lion and Snow Leopard on the same hanrd dive in two partitions and then choose which one to use as needed. THIS IS AWESOME.

Hope you can make it.

Ben Margolius

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