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Friday, September 11, 2015

MacSTAC Annual Picnic - Next Thursday, September 17th

The postponed annual picnic will be this coming Thursday, September 17th at the Vestal Library. 

Assemble at 6:30 pm
Eat at 7:00 pm

Your only requirement is to bring a dish to pass with a service utensil.

We promise good weather (inside), cooling A/C, no wind except for your conversations, no rain, no snow, zero bugs, no frogs (unless you bring the legs), good food, and a great time. Also, we will have a few things to say about Wednesday's Apple announcements of new hardware and software.

If some can come early, like 5:30 pm, then you can help set up tables and chairs.

If you are coming, and you're welcome to bring guests, please reply to this email so we know how many seats to set up

Ben Margolius

PS: For the Board of Directors, please let me know what you will be bringing as usual. I have plenty of plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils.

PPS: FYI, Ray David will be giving an Apple Watch demonstration and talk to the PC Users Group this coming Monday, 7 pm in the same conference room at the Vestal Library. You are welcome to attend.

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