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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Fwd: MacBook Pro Casing Leak, Thunderbolt Display Update?, iPhone 7 and 8 Rumors - MacRumors

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MacBook Pro rumors are starting to heat up, so Mac fans who've been waiting a long time for updates might want to buckle up. Just a week after hearing the next MacBook Pro may include an OLED "touch bar" in place of the traditional function keys, we've now gotten a look at what is a pretty convincing set of photos of what could be the casing of the 13-inch model.

The photos show a skinny space across the top of the keyboard where the rumored OLED touch bar would go, as well as narrow speaker strips along the right and left sides of the keyboard. On the sides of the casing, we see what appear to be four USB-C ports and a headphone jack...and that's all. If early rumors are correct, unfortunately, we may have to wait until near the end of the year for Apple to unveil the new MacBook Pro.
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Popular Stories Jun 02, 2016
Thunderbolt Display Stock Limited at Apple Stores Ahead of WWDC
Earlier this week, we reported on some apparent shortages of Apple's Thunderbolt Display, with many of Apple's own retail stores around the world currently out of stock and a few tips indicating stock either isn't being replenished or is perhaps even being actively pulled from stores.

In the wake of those shortages, rumors of a possible updated Thunderbolt Display appearing later this month at WWDC have ramped up. There's been a fair amount of speculation about just how Apple could launch a 5K external display considering the technical challenges involved, but one of the most enticing possibilities involving a graphics card embedded right in the display has already been shot down.
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iPhone 7 Plus Said to Have 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB Storage Options
Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 continue to circulate, and this week saw a pair of claims about the device's storage capacity. The first report indicated Apple may finally bump the entry-level storage to 32 GB, which many users have been clamoring for considering the amount of space media and apps can take up on their devices. A second report corroborates claims of a 32 GB base model, but expands upon that to say at least the larger iPhone 7 Plus will max out at 256 GB of storage while the middle tier could also see a bump from 64 GB to 128 GB.

Meanwhile, we're starting to see some Lightning headphone adapters from third-party accessory manufacturers anticipating the removal of the traditional headphone jack in the iPhone 7. Accessory manufacturers remain split, however, on whether one of both models will include Smart Connectors on the rear of the devices.
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Apple's 2017 iPhone May Feature Dual-Curve OLED Display
Amid rumors of significant changes for the 2017 iPhone including a shift to an OLED display, a new report claims the device could use a dual-curve display similar to that found in Samsung's Edge models and a few other Android handsets such as Vivo's new Xplay 5. The displays on those devices curve downward on the left and right edges, allowing information to be seen even when the device is face down. A second rumor claims the Taptic Engine found in the iPhone 6s will be enhanced for the iPhone 7, allowing for "more complex tactile vibrations" that enhance the 3D Touch experience.
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AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Temporarily Go Out of Stock at U.S. Apple Stores
What many consider one of Apple's more boring product lines actually generated a fair bit of excitement last week when the company's AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Wi-Fi base stations went out of stock at nearly all Apple retail stores around the United States. The shortage sparked speculation of a possible update at WWDC later this month, although the products have since come back into stock and so it appears the issue may have been related to configuration changes Apple was required to make ahead of a June 2 regulatory deadline.
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Apple's Amazon Echo Competitor Could Feature Camera, Facial Recognition
Following last week's rumor that Apple is preparing to open up Siri to third-party developers and working on its own Amazon Echo-like device that could handle spoken requests around the home, several new reports have claimed to offer details on Apple's plans for the device. One report says Apple's device could include a built-in camera with facial recognition capabilities, allowing it to identify a person entering a room and set preferences such as lightning and music automatically.

A second report claims the Echo-like features may be built into a next-generation Apple TV, although it's unclear how that would fit with rumors of an included camera unless the current form factor ideal for out-of-way placement was to significantly change. Finally, there's a rumor Apple will be leveraging last year's acquisition of natural language processing startup VocalIQ to roll out massive improvements for Siri's abilities as part of the company's home appliance.
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