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Monday, October 08, 2018

William Franck - RIP

I received a phone call this morning from John Franck, William's brother. John was living in Chicago, sold his plumbing business, and moved to New Milford PA in 2016 to take care of William.

William passed away several weeks ago. I'm sure you remember him, even though we haven't seen in in awhile. He loved to come to our summer picnic and winter holiday dinner and bring his homemade Italian Cheesecake and other goodies. He was a Mac-person through and through, and he delighted in harassing Wayne about which Mac he should buy, or when is my old computer going to repaired? As I remember, he really liked classical music and old movies. He was a really nice person and a character to be sure.

John is having a little gathering at the home this coming Saturday and he is requesting anyone to write a note or card about your remembrance of William and snail mail it. John will read each card to those assembled.

Their address is

1758 State Route 492
New Milford PA 18834

By the way, William turned brother Frank onto the Macintosh and he is now a dedicated user. I invited him to our meeting!


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