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Sunday, December 16, 2018

MacSTAC Annual Holiday Party (Thursday, December 20th)

Here's you last reminder about the MacSTAC Annual Holiday Party on this coming Thursday, December 20th  at the Vestal Library.
(arrive at 6:30 pm, eat at 7 pm). 

As usual, we will serve a delicious meal provided by YOU!!!!!  All you have to do is say that you are coming (and how many), and of course……….
1. Bring a yummy dish to pass with a serving utensil. 
2. Bring a wrapped $5 unisex gift to exchange for each person in your party. 
3. If you have any interesting CDs, software, hardware, books, magazines, etc. that you want to give away, we'll include that in the ticket drawing   AFTER the gift exchange. 
4. We will need some help setting up, so if a few can come a bit early, that makes it easy-peasy.
5. Be sure to put the party on your calendar - now, so you don't forget.

And....pray for good weather. hohohoho. IF the weather looks threatening and we have to cancel, look for an email around noon that day.


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