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Monday, June 28, 2021

Vestal Library and MacSTAC

I dropped by Vestal Library yesterday and met with Paul, the new director. You should visit there. It looks entirely different and very attractive.

Sign up for rooms will be announced mid-July with online signup the last day in July, and first occupancy of rooms on August 2nd.

Price for all rooms has increased with the large room being $35 per hour, about double what we had been spending.

They are going to build a stage at the front and hope to install a projector and sound system.

He suggested that ALL our member go onto the Vestal Library web site and complete their survey including things you want them to do or add plus mention of an overhead projector and a sound system. This will help them justify added improvements. 

Paul is bringing the library into the digital age and he has already set up a number of exciting programs.

Meanwhile, please put on you calendar for our July Zoom meeting the third Thursday.

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