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Monday, January 16, 2012



E-Maculation is a web site dedicated to Macintosh Emulation.  That is the ability to run classic Mac OS on current machines.  
This site was last updated last November.  It hosts several emulators and instructions on how to set them up.

These include SheepShaver for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  It will allow the emulation of a PowerPC machine running classic OS up through version 9.0.4.  They also have Basilisk II which will allow the emulation of 68xxx machines and Mini vMac which allows even older Macintosh systems running System 6.

There is a guide that has been updated for running SheepShaver in Lion.

Other Emulators listed are PearPC, pce/macplus and GrayBox.

The How-To guides are:

  • Setup SheepShaver for Windows
  • Setup SheepShaver for MacOS X
  • Setup SheepShaver for Linux
  • Setup Basilisk II for MacOS X
  • Setup Basilisk II for Windows
  • Setup Basilisk142 for Windows
  • Setup Basilisk II for Linux
  • Setup PearPC for Windows
  • Setup Mini vMac for Windows

Also listed under Extras are:

  • Interviews
  • Compiling & Tidbits
  • Macintosh ROM Images (how to get)
  • Compatibility Notes
  • 68K Macintosh Software
  • Mini vMac Games

There are links to locations where software for various classic Systems are available for download.

See the site at:

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