MacSTAC was founded on April 1, 1978 as an Apple II MUG. We are a community group with members from all walks of life, careers and levels of ability. We welcome all Mac users to improve their knowledge and, in turn, share their Mac knowledge with others.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

MacSTAC January Meeting - Thurs, Jan 19th (NEXT WEEK)

Our January meeting will be at the Vestal Library starting at 6:30 PM.

Our presentations will be varied and are still in discussions, but come and learn how to send large photos by email, and some other enticing stories, including your Questions and our Answers by our distinguished board of non-experts.

Of course there will be eats and drinks too, and popcorn if I don't forget to make it!

Because of the winter weather, we must consider the possibility of library closure. Accordingly, if there is a need to cancel, I will send out an email on Thursday around noon. Or, if you want positive confirmation, call me at the number below.

Ben Margolius


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